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SLS- Fiber channel

SLS- Fiber channel

SLS - Fibre channel is based on advanced fiber-optic cable management philosophy, give full consideration to the importance of the domestic status quo cause rapid development of optical fiber communication and fiber routing management, our company introduced a new fiber optic cable management system, which aims to communicate room in the optical fiber distribution frame to provide efficient and flexible routing management optical transmission equipment. Material: SLS- various components of the fiber channel ABS flame retardant materials by protecting corrugated hose main ingredient is polyethylene fiber compounds. Retardant properties of all plastic parts have reached GB / T2048-1996 the FV-0 level to ensure that does not produce toxic gases in extreme environments.

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The Avocent Universal Management Gateway appliance converges Avocent access and control technologies into a single platform, creating a simplified way to manage IT assets (compute, network and storage), regardless of vendor or operating system, regardless of technology. When used in combination with the Avocent DSView management software, data centers gain a total solution for secure access and control of any supported physical or virtual asset. Built-in auto-sensing and auto-discovery features provide the flexibility needed for data centers to consolidate tools and operate with optimal efficiency.

The Avocent Universal Management Gateway appliance is the next generation data center management appliance, enabling holistic visibility of the data center.Real-Time Data Collection in the DCIM Environment

The Avocent Universal Management Gateway appliance provides a path to the Trellis platform, Emerson Network Power's revolutionary solution for DCIM. Deployed locally or remotely, the appliance enables both real-time data collection and closed-loop control over IT and facilities equipment.