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EZIBLANK Blanking Panels

EZIBLANK blanking panels keep hot exhaust air away from cool intake air, extending the life of your equipment, saving energy and reducing the carbon footprint of the data centre. The uniquely adjustable panels can be fitted to every size of rack unit, from one to six.The innovative 'pop-in clip' allows the panels to be installed or removed in seconds without the need for screws or tools.

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EZIBRUSH Brush-Strip Panel

EZIBRUSH panels keep hot exhaust air away from cool intake air, extending the life of your equipment.

These panels have a brush strip overhanging the 1U size by an extra 5mm allowing simple management of air gaps when placed alongside other equipment.

EZIBRUSH 800 panels are designed to block airflow on the side of the racks. The non-intrusive design allows the brush panel to be installed in conjunction with existing cabling. It comes in 800mm long strip with 50mm long bristle and a high quality self adhesive strip for EZI installation.

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Ezibrush Grommet

EZIBRUSH Grommets are used for sealing raised flooring in climate-controlled rooms and for cabling. This cuts costs dramatically by keeping cold and warm air separate.

Ezibrush Grommets compared to other commercially available products it is inexpensive and easy to assemble. They can seal cable passages and keep cool air under raised flooring.


The Air-Seal Raised Floor Grommet is intended to use for new installations for floor cut outs before the installation of power or communication cables to provide adequate under floor static pressure. The Air Seal Floor Grommets is the economical choice in raised floor grommets.

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EZIFLUTE Underfloor Panels

EZIFLUTE panels are supplied as single sheets ready to install direct to the raised floor framework. Ingenious self locking tabs and clever folds, allow these panels to be installed in minutes.

These panels offer a simple low cost way to lower your PUE and compliment Data Centre Cooling Efficiency strategies.

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EZIMON Power Monitoring records energy consumption, real power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, line voltage and current amps. The EZIMON screenshot below shows a Monthly Energy Usage Report.

To request an online demo of EZIMON, simply submit your details in the "Online Demo" form.

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