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Enlogic iPDU's

Enlogic iPDU's

The Enlogic energy metering PDU is far more than a simple power distribution unit and energy meter. Enlogic's intelligent PDUs sit within the rack actively monitoring the data center environment, continually looking for threats from electrical circuit overloads, and any physical and environmental conditions which might place critical IT computing loads at risk. Enlogic's intelligent PDUs provide comprehensive, accurate energy measurement data needed to efficiently utilize power resources, make informed capacity planning decisions, improve uptime, measure PUE (power usage effectiveness) and drive green data center initiatives that could save power and money.

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Simplify rack management, cabling and networking connectivity costs. Allows up to 4 rack PDUs and 24 environmental probes to be managed through a single IP address.

Large oLED mounted in the center of the PDU with excellent visibility from all angles and large font size for viewing from distance. Reversible display orientation for top or bottom input cord orientation.

Units configured with industry standard IEC C13 & C19 outlets along with French (CEE 7/5), Shuko (CEE 7/4) or UK (BS 1363) convenience outlets for easy power connectivity.

Easily map the critical outlet wiring combinations with color coded receptacles and circuit breakers to reduce human error in connecting new loads.