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IBM Endpoint Manager

IBM Endpoint Manager

Before I tell you what is IBM Endpoint Manager, let's look at a little history: in July 2010 IBM bought a company called BigFix Inc., which focused on reducing the cost and complexity of managing networked desktop, mobile and server computers. Since 2013, the new name is IBM Endpoint Manager.

IBM Endpoint Manager is a solution to address today's highly diverse, distributed and complex IT environments. It provides real-time visibility and control through a single infrastructure, single agent and single console for policy-based management capabilities. This includes asset discovery and inventory, patch management, operating system deployment, remote desktop control, endpoint protection, security configuration and vulnerability management. IBM Endpoint Manager can manage practically any kind of device from any location.

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The modules of the IBM Endpoint Manager family

The eight modules in the family are separated into two groups by functionality: IT operations and IT security, as shown in the following picture. However, since security and IT operations management depend on each other, IBM Endpoint Manager can be an answer to device-related problems.

With regard to IT operations capacities, IBM Endpoint Manager is designed to manage the entire lifecycle of devices such as workstations, notebook computers, servers and many others. A lifecycle covers operating system provisioning through inventory and asset management, software distribution, remote control and patch management, all the way through to device retirement. But IT operations is not the only challenge facing endpoint management; the devices are often the first line of defense and will require the participation of both IT and security operations management to secure them.

With regard to IT security capacities, IBM Endpoint Manager is designed to address the increasingly complex problem of keeping critical endpoint systems updated, compliant and free of security issues. IBM Endpoint Manager can identify vulnerable and noncompliant systems throughout the organization and apply remediation measures on a wide range of devices.

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You can also manage your Windows devices from the cloud as simply as managing mobile devices. The IBM Unified Device Management SaaS solution provides real-time visibility and control over all endpoints. For more information, visit IBM Service Engage.